Full30.bundle - January Update Part 3

Full30.bundle - January Update Part 3

I did a bit of tweaking on this plugin/channel so it now uses the same video API for everything, instead of using some older API for certain video listings like 'most viewed'. This cleaned up the code a bit so I no longer have several methods that do basically the same thing, but point to a different API url.

I added a new video listing for each channel called 'Hot Videos' which lists each channel's "Hot Videos". I'm not sure what criteria the site consider's as "hot", but they are now listed as well. I also renamed 'Recent Videos' to 'New Videos' which is more inline with what is displayed on the site.

You can now view video lists by 'Section', for example, you can view 'Long Gun' videos or 'Hand Gun' videos by going to the appropriate section in the plugin.

I'm thinking of adding a tags listing too, so for example, it will display top X tags on the website then do a video list for each tag. Probably get to that over the next few weeks.

Anyway, a demo of the changes can be seen below!